Terms of service

In the realm of links, where pathways intertwine,
Shortlink.uk, a service so divine.
But heed the rules, let it be known,
The terms of service, like a code carved in stone.

No shortcuts for pages that deceive,
Phishing schemes, we firmly must believe.
Scams and fraud, they have no place,
Within our space, their presence we erase.

Adult sites, dating's amorous art,
Casinos' charm, we set them apart.
Medicines too, not all are pure,
In this cyberspace, we must ensure.

Viruses, trojans, worms that crawl,
They have no welcome, no place at all.
Prizes offered, with paid delivery,
They're not for us, we strive for purity.

Illegal pages, they shall not pass,
We keep the order, like a looking glass.
Forbidden traffic, in any form,
We ward it off, like a thunderstorm.

No spam's allure, no bots in disguise,
We guard our space, under the open skies.
With these terms of service, we declare,
Shortlink.uk, a place beyond compare.